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Services of admaDIC

Software Development

admaDIC is a young IT company, however our background includes 10+ years of professional software development. We have experience in creating little tools for quick tasks as well as big software packages being used for more than 10 years with support and continuous improvement serving customers in Europe, America and Asia. [more...]

Digital Media

admaDIC offers Digital Media services: We create websites, advertising materials; we develop corporate identities, perform high resolution digital photography and offer image processing.

Project Samples

The projects outlined provide an overview of our past activities. Projects range from small tools to large libraries. Our clients are IT companies with in-depth knowledge and wide experience of software development as well as customers needing an IT solution and focusing on the result and not on process details. We favour agile development methods to support high software quality, delivery in time and to meet the aims and satisfy the requirements of our clients. [more...] | | Legal Notice and Trademarks | Privacy
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