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admaDIC Spiromat

With the admaDIC Spiromat you can create so called hypotrochoid curves. The following pictures were created by us with the Spiromat:

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4
(The pictures are scaled down to fit on this page.)

The software simulates a gear which is rotated inside an outer fixed gear. The inner gear has a hole for a pen which is used to move the gear and so draws a figure. You can try it online with our Spiromat applet.
(More information about a so called Spirograph is available in the Spirograph Wikipedia article.)

With the admaDIC Spiromat you can create such pictures easily either by moving the inner gear with the mouse, by letting the software move the gear, or by instantly drawing the complete figure.

You can draw a single figure or create overlays of two or more figures. Each figure in a picture may have a different color. The pictures can be saved to a file so you can keep your artwork. You can export the pictures as raster graphics to JPG or PNG files and as vector graphics to SVG files. With the SVG format the pictures can be scaled to any large and small size while maintaining high quality.


GitHub Repository Download spiromat-1.1.1.jar

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