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VOF Solver

Voltorb Flip Solver

by admaDIC / Rainer Schwarze

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VOF Solver is an iPhone app which finds solutions for the voltorb flip game of Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver and helps chosing the cell with the lowest risk of losing the game.


  • Set the sums of coins and orbs for the rows and columns
  • Shows progress and the number of solutions found so far
  • Stop the search any time if you like
  • Quickly browse through the solutions
  • Cells are colored: green for low risk, red for high risk
  • Filters solutions and updates risk colors: Set the cell's coins in the solution matrix as you flip the cells in the actual game
  • Optimized for speed and memory usage
  • Small app size for quick download

If you would like to see more features in VOF Solver, let us know and send an e-mail to We'd like to hear from you :-)


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For support please send an e-mail to .

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