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splmount Package for fli4l v3.x

admaDIC created a small package "splmount" which easily allows to mount additional volumes in a fli4l router. The package can be found on the download page.

The package splmount includes an option to automatically install the ext2 kernel module. The standard configuration of fli4l v3.x only includes the ext3 module. It should be possible to mount ext2 volumes, but we encountered several configurations which did not work properly. In these situations the option to load the ext2 module can be activated and it should be possible to mount the ext2 volumes.

The package should be extracted into the directory which contains the fli4l files. The kernel module ext2.o is included in the package splmount. Originally it is stored in the package kernel-modules-extra.tar.gz, but was included in splmount to save the additional work of extracting it from kernel-modules-extra.tar.gz.


The changes in fli4l until version 3.0 affect among other things the mounting of volumes. Earlier versions could easily mount a hard disk to permanently store the log files. To upgrade such a system to version 3.0 a change to the new installation types for hard disk usage would be necessary.

To upgrade an existing router with simple hard disk use for log files, it is not necessary to switch to the new installation types. It is easily possible by installing the package splmount and configure it appropriately.

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